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EN serge

1. genel


2. Tekstil

sarga {diş.}

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EnglishSerge Brammertz, the new Chief Prosecutor, has yet to see fresh evidence of cooperation.
Serge Brammertz, el nuevo fiscal jefe, todavía tiene que ver muestras claras de cooperación.
EnglishSerge Roy was born in Montréal, in 1957.
KOOZA showcases two major circus traditions: clowns and acrobatic performance.
EnglishBorn into a musical family, Serge inherited a natural gift for music and show business.
Serge grew up in a highly musical showbiz family – his father was a saxophonist working the thriving cabaret circuit in Quebec.
EnglishLet me just mention that we will be having meetings with the Chief Prosecutor, Serge Brammertz, in Prague tomorrow.
Déjenme mencionar simplemente que nos reuniremos con el Fiscal jefe, Serge Brammertz, en Praga mañana.
English  Back   BiographySerge RoyCreation Director.
  Atrás   BiografíaSerge RoyCreation Director.
English   Back   BiographySerge DenoncourtDirector.
   Atrás   BiografíaSerge DenoncourtDirector.
EnglishThe position of Creation Director combines Serge Roy’s strengths and experience in inspiring others while satisfying his own creative drive.
He then pursued other projects for a period of more than two years.
English  Back   BiographySerge DenoncourtDirector.
  Atrás   BiografíaSerge DenoncourtDirector.
EnglishLadies and gentlemen, sad news has reached us of the recent shooting of French policeman Jean-Serge Nérin by ETA.
Señorías, nos ha llegado la triste noticia del reciente asesinato a tiros del policía francés Jean-Serge Nérin a manos de ETA.
EnglishIn this regard, the assessment carried out by the ICT's chief prosecutor, Serge Brammertz, is particularly important.
A este respecto, la evaluación que ha llevado a cabo el fiscal jefe del TPIY, el señor Brammertz, es especialmente importante.
EnglishSerge studied theatre and played drums in a band, but when he found himself in the town of Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec he finally felt he had found a place where he belonged.
He studied theater and played drums for a couple of years but it was only when he travelled to the artistic community of Baie St.
EnglishHe has won two other Masque awards – in 2005 for his work on Le Peintre des Madonnes and in 2007 for Hosanna, both of which were directed by Serge Denoncourt.
In 2003 he co-wrote a show with Patrice Dubois about the life of Orson Welles: Everybody's Welles Pour Tous, for which he received the Masque de la Meilleure Production Montréal.