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Fatura - Beyanname

For my services I kindly request the following payment…
Resmi, oldukça kibar
Please find enclosed invoice no. … for …
Resmi, kibar
The pro forma invoice will be faxed.
Resmi, direkt
Payable immediately after the receipt of the goods.
Resmi, direkt
The total amount payable is…
Resmi, direkt
It is our company policy to invoice only in Euros.
Resmi, son derece direkt

Fatura - Hatırlatma

May we remind you that your payment for...is overdue.
Resmi, oldukça kibar
This is to remind you that the above invoice is still unpaid.
Resmi, kibar
According to our records, we have not yet received a remittance for above invoice.
Resmi, kibar
We would appreciate if you cleared your account within the next few days.
Resmi, kibar
Our records show that the invoice still has not been paid.
Resmi, direkt
Please send your payment promptly.
Resmi, direkt
We have not yet received payment for…
Resmi, oldukça direkt
Our Accounts department will only release this order for shipment if we receive a copy of your cheque/transfer.
Resmi, oldukça direkt
If you have already sent your payment, please disregard this letter.
Resmi, kibar