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Kuruluş: Mayıs 2007
Başlayış: Temmuz 2007
Kurucular: Andreas Schroeter, Thomas, Schroeter, Patrick Uecker
Yer: Hamburg, Almanya
Fikir: Diller platformu yartmak, dil öğrenmeyi sevenlerin fikir alışveriş bulunmak ve de öğrenme yeri.

Company profile is an interactive language portal offering 40 bilingual dictionaries, vocabulary lessons, language quizzes, and language games all for free. Currently available in 28 different languages, the site operates on a wiki-style model, allowing users to contribute content and feedback. was founded in 2007 by Dr. Andreas Schroeter, Dr. Thomas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker.

Managing Directors: Judith Pearsall, Colleen Scollans, Patrick Uecker (LinkedIn)

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