Top 100 Language Lovers 2011

The Top 100 Language Lovers is probably the largest competition for language enthusiasts hosted annually by and Lexiophiles. It is aimed at finding the best blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterers with a passion for languages. This year we had the most nominations ever, counting 742 blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterers from all over the world. After our previous competitions in 2008, 2009 and 2010 we are proud to announce the 2011 winners. A big thank you to all participants for sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with the world. Keep up the great work!

Make sure to check out the Top 25 for each category as well:

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1.Fluent in 3 months
A site packed with encouragement and “language hacks” about speaking languages as quickly as possible from Benny the Irish polyglot.
2.@translationguy (Ken Clark)
CEO, 1-800-Translate, rated #1 for client service in translation and localization industry, learning from the best in the business going on 20 years
3.Talk To Me In Korean
Korean learning made simple and easy.
4.@lynneguist (Lynne Murphy)
An American linguist in England. This is the Twitter presence of 'Separated by a Common Language' blog.
5.@brad5patterson (Brad Patterson)
EFL teacher
6.@dw_learngerman (Deutsche Welle)
Learn German with our free and fun materials!
7.Der Englisch Blog
This blog provides new English language explanations and exercises every day.
8.@langology (Language News)
Fun with #language, language and linguistic news, links, events, research and more.
9.Ein Blog für Deutschlerner in aller Welt
A blog for learners of German around the world.
10.Teaching Village
Blog made by a passionate teacher, especially about teaching English to young learners.
11.@GrammarMonkeys (Grammar Monkeys)
It's all about clarity. Grammar and language tips from the copy editors at The Wichita (Kansas) Eagle. Have a question? Ask; we'll answer.
A blog about the Dutch language and culture.
13.Blog o języku niemieckim
Easy German learning online with authentic materials.
14.Jennie in France //Jennie en France
Blog about Learning & Teaching Languages, with a Focus on French.
15.@ProZcom (
The translation workplace. is the number one source of new clients for translators and interpreters.#xl8 blog
16.All Japanese All the Time
How you can learn Japanese (and many more languages) without taking classes, by having fun and doing things you enjoy—watching movies, playing video games, reading comic books—you know: fun stuff!
17.BBC Learning English
Let's talk! Let's learn, share and enjoy English with the BBC!
18.Translation Times
The translating twins and entrepreneurial linguists, Judy and Dagmar Jenner, blog about the business of translation from Vienna and Vegas. The blog revolves on ideas and strategies to run a translation business more effectively and efficiently by thinking like an entrepreneur. They dispense useful tips on marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, real-life economics, pricing, and working with direct clients.
19.Women Learning Thai… and some men too
Expat making her way through Thai language and culture.
20.@OxfordWords (Oxford Dictionaries)
Oxford University Press, publisher of Oxford Dictionaries, brings you news and insights from today’s world of words.
21.@OUPELTGlobal (OUP ELT Global)
Oxford University Press English Language Teaching. Follow us for news, info, blog posts, videos and tools to aid your ESL/EFL teaching. Alex tweeting.
Learn Spanish through pop culture!
On this blog there are texts in Polish and English for learners and language learning advice.
24.Deutsche Welle Learn German
German newspaper about languages
25.Język niemiecki
A great page for everyone interested in learning German!
26Greek translator
27Trilingual translator
29The challenges of language remain eternal, but the business of translation is changing in interesting and scary ways. Translation Guy is a way to get a handle on the transformation of translation for me and my readers.
30Blog about writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language and translating.
31Providing information and cultural awareness about languages around the world
32This site is for the everyday language learner. It is about helping you be a successful language learner.
33English/Spanish/Italian language professional specializing in Legal, Government, Financial, Healthcare and Education. From Uruguay and the USA to the world!
34Blog created to help English learners with their studies focused on common difficulties that Portuguese speakers have when learning English.
35The blog helps Spanish speaking people to learn Italian for free.
36Personal page of a translator with lots of resources.
37Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK.
38Linguistic holidays
39Hints on Translations & Translators & Culture & CAT & IT & Technology
40Blog about English vocabulary and grammar.
41Russificate: New Russian language blog, created in September 2009 by Yulia Amlinskaya, professional Russian language teacher, containing a great variety of interactive grammar, communication and vocabulary materials, exercises and quizzes for two different levels as well as Russian songs with exercises and a wide range of articles on Russian customs and traditions, literature and history, life and personalities, etc.
42The blog about learning Spanish, to fluency, on your own and without ever visiting a classroom.
43A linguistic tour for people who love having fun with words and language. A place to share interesting linguistic observations regarding sound, meaning and structure.
45Teaches advanced English that you can use in the real world, not just on a test.
46The main focus of this web site is, of course, learning languages. Specifically, I will be learning one new language every year. But it should always be remembered that language is a means, not an end.
47Translation and video games
48Multilingual Living is a place where parents raising children in more than one language and culture can find inspiration, tools, advice, wisdom and support!
49The world of foreign languages - effective learning, discussions and much more.
50Blog for learning and using the Italian language.
51A blog supporting English language learning.
52Blog with games and downloadable activities for teachers
53We will not rest until every person on Earth is fluent in multiple languages.
54Let´s share our languages!
55Because the word is more than just a tool
56Many tips and lessons to learn English and exchange ideas and knowledge about this language.
57Sociolinguistics research site devoted to multilingualism, language learning and intercultural communication in a transnational world.
58Visit the award-winning global home for English teaching on the web site which brings together everything busy teachers need, from classroom materials to ideas for development.
59Developing educational games for learning Japanese
60Names, brands, writing, and the quirks of the English language.
61Translation, interpreting & localization
62About multilingualism
63It contains over 250 posts: news, events articles, recommendations in Romanian and several other languages, as well as surveys, quotations for translators, interpreters and other language professionals.
64A blog about things that have to do with the Swedish language in one way or another.
65Englisch und Sport am Gymnasium
66Conference interpreting
67This blog is intended for teachers, trainers, lecturers and anyone else with an interest in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of ELT and what we’re up to.
68Language blog for people who love languages or would, but were discouraged.
69English – titbits, language problems, common mistakes.
70Welcome to ILGUR: A "blog" dedicated to studying, learning and improving Italian. Look for regular posts on grammar tips, expanding your vocabulary and usage.
71German online
72At least one language fact every day. You know you want it.
73Online English learning
74Polish translator
75Sharing fun English idioms daily. Love exchanging educational ESL best practices w/students, colleagues & friends the world over!
76translator/ESL teacher
77Created this avatar to indulge my penchant for language humour and funny signs.
78blog teaching some English points through stories, jokes etc for Iranian English learners…
79A English Virtual Community online.
80Welcome to the Oxford University Press English Language Teaching (ELT) page.
81Co-founder Australasia's largest Language Service Provider; EngRus reviser; PhD linguistics; New concept translation marketplace startup
82Translation services
83Italian for foreigners.
84Random ideas for ELT people, plus guest blogs & travel notes
85General language blog covering a range of topics and aspects of language studies.
86German School
87Materials helpful when learning German.
88The European Institutions have the largest interpreting services in the world. As an interpreter, you can take part in the decisions that help shape Europe's future - in a great, challenging job with excellent working conditions and colleagues.
89Do you want to learn Polish? Is it difficult for you to understand Polish native speakers? Is your Polish pronunciation bad? You can change it, just try my lessons!
90SplaiEnglish Blog: A place to learn and share our English.
91Blog on translation. In English
92A blog from a French teacher on which his Korean students can post articles in French.
93Information, news and opinions about professional translation.
94Documenting my journey through the process of teaching myself the Spanish language
95Blog on Korean learning.
96A blog where Polish people can learn German in an enjoyable and easy way. Including German songs and funny stories about German mentality.
97FR-EN B2B translator | copywriter | intercultural trainer & consultant Blog
98You will find tips, advice, and all kinds of information both for translators and translation buyers written by all those involved in the exciting field of professional translation. - the free language learning community
100High Quality Language Solutions, delivered on time …with a smile!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition. Without all of you this competition would not have been possible. If your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account is on the list, you might want to add the Top 100 Language Lovers 2011 button to your blog. Click here if you like to get more information on how the competition works. We hope to see you back soon on Lexiophiles and