Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2010

IX10 (International Exchange & Experience 2010) is a competition from and Lexiophiles presenting you with the top 100 blogs on living abroad.

Worldwide location of the top 100 exchange & experience bloggers

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The people writing the blogs below come from all over the world. They are either high school or university exchange students, young interns working abroad, people who support these students and interns from behind the scenes or expats who have moved abroad for several other reasons. The common bond is that all of them are living, learning, exploring and experiencing a foreign country and blogging about it! Check out their exchange experience by browsing the top 100 list below.

To see where our Top 100 International Exchange and Experience bloggers are located, take a look at the map above. You might even find out one of them is living near you.

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IX10 - Top 100 Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010
Brazilians living in Ireland write about life in the new country. (Portuguese)
2Canal Londres
Brazilian expats living in London give a broad view about the city. (Portuguese)
3The Basti Show
Video blog from a high school student living in the U.S.A. (German)
4The Evergreen State
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
5American Dream
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
American student in Finland. (English)
7MJR in Huntingdon, PA
Polish high school student in the U.S.A. (Polish)
Brazilian girl who has studied in Italy and Spain and now lives in London. (Portuguese)
9Menina na Rio
American couple who has lived in Rio de Janeiro and now live in São Paulo. (English)
10Nossa vida na Nova Zelândia
Brazilians living in New Zealand. (Portuguese)
11American couple living their dream in Paris. (English)
12Interviews with Brazilians currently living abroad. (Portuguese)
13Life of a Brazilian in Spain. (Portuguese)
14Life of a foreign exchange student in Canada. (German)
15An AFS exchange student in the Netherlands. (English)
16Polish Erasmus students in Portugal. (Polish)
17Brazilian expats write about their experiences around the world. (Portuguese)
18Spanish girl living in Scotland. (Spanish)
19American girl studying in Norway. (English)
20Brazilian living in the Netherlands. (Portuguese)
21American expat living in germany. (English)
22American living in Argentina trying to go from tourist to townie. (English)
23American living in the Netherlands. (English)
24High school echange student in Russia. (German)
25German high school student in the U.S.A. (German)
26American translator living in Berlin. (English)
27Student working at an NGO in Paraguay. (German)
28Life of a Brazilian in Germany. (Portuguese)
29High school student in Denmark. (German)
30A source for news on international education and public diplomacy. (English)
31Brazilian living with her family in Thailand. (Portuguese)
32An Aussie living in South Africa. (English)
33Group of students experiencing the Philippines. (German)
34American student in Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. (English)
35Brazilian and Portuguese living in New Zealand. (Portuguese)
36British gal living in the U.S.A. (English)
37Brazilian who has lived in Sweden and now lives in South Korea. (Portuguese)
38British expats living in the Czech Republic. (English)
39British expat living in Finland. (English)
40Brazilians living in the USA after living in Singapore. (Portuguese)
41Student living in France. (English)
42An Ecuadorian girl living in The Netherlands. (Spanish)
43American girl from Philadelphia living in Argentina. (English)
44American student from Salt Lake City living in Indonesia. (English)
45Brazilian girl living in Switzerland. (Portuguese)
46American living in France. (English)
47Canadian expat living in Portugal. (English)
48Life of an American in Australia. (English)
49American exchange student in Hong Kong. (English)
50Foreign exchange student in Germany. (English)
51American from Pennsylvania currently living in Spain. (English)
52Brazilian girl studying in Italy. (Portuguese)
53Blog about brazilian expats around the world. (Portuguese)
54Student doing an internship in Dominican Republic. (German)
55A Polish high school student in USA. (Polish)
56Student in the U.S.A. (German)
57Life of a Brazilian in Barcelona. (Portuguese)
58High school exchange student in Ireland. (German)
59Brazilian girl who has worked with Aiesec International and traveled all around the world for work. (Portuguese)
60A Polish high school student in USA. (Polish)
61A Polish high school student in USA. (Polish)
62Student doing an internship in Dominican Republic. (German)
63Foreign exchange student in Germany. (English)
64Life of an Erasmus student in Finland. (Spanish)
65Life of a polish high school student in the USA. (Polish)
66French living in Canada. (English)
67Brazilian living in Spain. (Portuguese)
68High school student planning year abroad in Japan. (German)
69Blog about life in India, written by a Brazilian who lives there. (Portuguese)
70A Brazilian tells about his life experience in Australia. (Portuguese)
71A British expat in Nice. (English)
72Video blog of a German high school student in the U.S.A. (German)
7316 and spending junior year in the Netherlands as an exchange student. (English)
74A Polish high school student in USA. (Polish)
75The travels and adventures of a German university student. (German)
76A girl from Alaska studying in Spain. (English)
77Polish high school student in Mexico. (Polish)
78Polish girl living in the U.S.A.(Polish)
79Brazilian living in the USA. (Portuguese)
80German student living in Brazil. (German)
81German student living in the U.S.A. (German)
82American high school student living in Italy. (English)
83A German girl working as a volunteer in Brazil. (German)
84British man living and working in the the South of France. (English)
85Brazilian student in Canada. (English)
86American student who has lived in Japan. (English)
87Brazilian girl studying in Finland. (Portuguese)
88Polish girl living in Germany. (Polish)
89American living in Switzerland. (English)
90German working at an NGO in Indonesia. (English, German and Spanish)
91An Australian-Italian girl who moved to Italy. (English)
92German high school student in the U.S.A. (German)
93American high school student living in Italy. (English)
94Daily life of a nomadic European family in Cairo.(Spanish)
95Experiences and points of view of a foreigner living in Italy. (Spanish)
96Polish Erasmus student in France and Romania. (Polish)
97Polish living in France. (English)
98Teacher assistant in Mexico. (German)
99Swiss guy blogs about his exchange experiences. (German)
100Student in Australia (exchange) and South Africa (internship). (German)

Thanks to everyone who nominated or voted for these blogs! Please check out our articles on Lexiophiles or help us build up the dictionaries. For all the young people out there who might have thought about doing in international exchange, we hope that some of the stories from the bloggers here might inspire them to take the leap and do it.